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Thompson Interactive Training

Thompson's Grants webinars break down the most complex and potentially confusing guidance and regulations issued by OMB and federal agencies, so you can take the steps needed to stay in compliance — and now demonstrate performance — under the new rules governing funding.

Our easy-to-understand explanations of requirements and strategies can help you better find grant opportunities, develop proposals, understand award notices, document grant expenditures, deliver effective reports and prepare for audits.

Thompson's Grants webinars can show you how the uniform grant guidance impacts:

  • Grants development
  • Time and effort documentation
  • Financial management systems
  • Allowability of costs
  • Procurement and property standards
  • Risk assessments
  • Indirect cost determinations
  • Performance requirements for both program and finance
  • Audit resolutions
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1:00 PM ET When the Auditor Comes Knocking: Grants Audits Under the Uniform Grant Guidance Grants Management Webinar 1.5 CPE
1:00 PM ET Grant Writing: Measuring & Communicating Impact Grants Management Webinar 1.5 CPE
varies varies Grants Webinar One-year Training Pass Grants Development & Management Webinars 1.5 CPE per live webinar
Grants Recordings

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  • Title
  • Subject
03/03/15 Improper Payments Under the Uniform Grants Guidance Grants Management
02/24/15 Next Gen Grant Writing: Be Competitive AND Compliant Grants Development & Management
02/11/15 Structure of the Uniform Grant Guidance Grants Management
02/03/15 The Importance of Internal Controls in Light of the UGG Grants Management
01/20/15 Practical Steps to Implement the Uniform Grant Guidance Grants Management
12/16/14 Fasten Your Seatbelts: Uniform Grant Guidance Launches December 26 Grants Management
12/09/14 Uniform Grant Guidance: Using Logic Models to Enhance Program Performance Grants Development & Management
11/18/14 The Procurement and Management of Property Under the Uniform Grant Guidance Grants Management
11/12/14 Indirect Costs and the OMB Uniform Grants Guidance: What to Expect Grants Management
10/23/14 Uniform Grant Guidance: Are Your Policies Ready? Grants Management
10/15/14 Subrecipient Monitoring Under The New Grants Reform Guidance: New Scrutiny for Pass-Through Agencies Grants Management
10/09/14 When the Auditor Comes Knocking: Grant Audits Under the Uniform Grant Guidance Grants Management
09/24/14 Time & Effort Documentation: Don't Get Caught off Guard by Grant Reform Grants Management
09/10/14 Financial Management Under the Uniform Grant Guidance Grants Management
08/21/14 Uniform Grant Guidance: Best Practices for Avoiding Improper Payments Grants Management
08/07/14 2014 A-133 Compliance Supplement: A Guide for Single Audits Grants Management
07/08/14 New Reporting and Certification Requirements: Don't Get Caught Making a False Claim to the Federal Government! Grants Management
06/24/14 Merit Review Renewed: Pre-Award Requirements for Merit Review of Proposals and Risk Assessment of Applicants. Grant Seeking
06/19/14 Next Generation of Grant Writing: OMB Grant Reform Raises the Bar Grant Seeking
06/12/14 Grants Allowability and Changes Under the Grant Reform Guidance Grants Management
04/30/14 DATA Act: Rewired Grants Management
03/26/14 OMB Grant Reform: Transitioning from Compliance to Performance Grants Management