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12/06/16 Your Grant and the Elementary and
Secondary Education Act — What You Need to Know
Grants Development & Management
11/30/16 Your Grant Through the Eyes of a Federal Reviewer — What They Really See. Grants Development & Management
11/22/16 Assessing Audit Weaknesses:
The Most Common Single Audit Findings and Strategies to Avoid Them
Grants Management
11/11/16 Navigating Federal Government Contracts as a Women-Owned Government Contractor:
How to Qualify, Find New business, and Avoid Common Mistakes
Federal Contracting
11/03/16 Webinar Series: Certified Payroll and The Davis-Bacon Act Federal Contracting
11/03/16 Improper Payments Under the Uniform Grants Guidance Grants Management
10/27/16 Complying with the Fair Pay and Safe Workspaces Executive Order:
How to Avoid Being on the Federal "Blacklist"
Federal Contracting
10/25/16 2016 OMB Compliance Supplement: A Guide for Single Audits Grants Development & Management
10/20/16 DOL Final Overtime Rule:
Strategies for Compliance . . . and Survival
Federal Contracting
10/19/16 Risk Evaluation Requirements Under Uniform Grant Guidance Grants Management
10/13/16 Budgeting Indirect Rates:
Making Contracts More Compliant, Competitive and Profitable
Federal Contracting
10/12/16 Protecting Your Company's Most Valuable Assets:
Intellectual Property Rights
Federal Contracting
10/11/16 Understanding the New SF-SAC Audit Form Under Uniform Guidance Grants Management
10/05/16 Resolving Audit Findings In The Uniform Guidance Era:
A Briefing for Grant Recipients and Subrecipients
Grants Management
09/29/16 "Hello, My Name is ITAR"
An Introduction to the International Traffic in Arms Regulation
Federal Contracting
09/22/16 The Civil False Claims Act:
What it is and Why It is Important
Federal Contracting
09/21/16 Complying with the OFCCP:
What Government Contractors Need to Know
Federal Contracting
09/21/16 Key Strategies for Writing a
Successful State/Federal Grant Application
Grants Development & Management
09/15/16 Negotiating Government Contracts:
An Online Workshop for Primes, Subs & Government Agents
Federal Contracting
09/14/16 Mastering the Pre-Award Accounting System Review Federal Contracting
09/14/16 Grants Allowability and Selected Items of
Cost Under the Uniform Grant Guidance
Grants Management
09/08/16 Indirect Costs & Cost Allocation Plans Under the Uniform Guidance Grants Management
09/01/16 Becoming a Premier Subcontractor Federal Contracting
08/31/16 Subrecipient Monitoring Under the Uniform Grant Guidance Grants Management
08/31/16 Managing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Federal Contracting


  • Title
  • HRCI Credits
Intermittent FMLA Leave Abuse 1.5
Building and Implementing Effective Telework Policy for Employees 1.5
Building Blocks for a Strong HR Audit 1.5
Taxation of Fringe Benefits and Today's Hot Issues 1.5
Taxation Under Health Reform: What Employers Need to Know 1.5
How to Conduct a Better HR Investigation Interview 1.5
Exempt and Nonexempt Employees -- Make Sure They Are Properly Classified 1.5
Tackling the Top Reporting Concerns Under Health Reform: A Guide for Employers 1.5
Workplace Investigation Interviews - How to Get Critical Evidence from Your Witnesses 1.5
Beyond the Minimum: Mastering Wage and Hour Compliance 1.5
Deciphering Employee Record Retention -- Best Practices to Ensure Compliance 1.5
Same-Gender Marriages: The Evolving Landscape's Effect on Employee Benefit Plans 1.5
Navigating FLSA Challenges in Fall and Winter: How to Be Prepared 1.5
Master Your 2013 Implementation Duties under the Health Reform Law 1.5
Learn How to Conquer the Generational Divide and Build Successful Teams 1.5
The Top Four Payroll Pitfalls, and How to Avoid Them 1.5
The NLRB's Expanding View of Employee Rights: Strategic HR to the Rescue 1.5
Fending off FLSA Retaliation Complaints-What Employers Need to Know and Do 1.5
Form W-4: Best Practices and Compliance Requirements 1.5
Assessment and Prevention of Workplace Violence--How To Recognize and Prevent It 1.5
Navigating Health Care Exchange Options for Small Businesses 1.5
W-2s vs 1099s--Who Should be an Independent Contractor 1.5
Preventing Workplace Retaliation Claims 1.5
Obesity in the Workplace: How to Avoid Legal Landmines 1.5
Employee Handbooks -- Must-Have Policies to Protect Your Organization 1.5
Smart Hiring for 2013: What to Know Before Saying "You're Hired" 1.5
Top 10 Workplace Investigation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 1.5
Creating Compliant Payroll Procedures from A to Z 1.5
Becoming an Effective Human Resources Business Partner 1.5
Form W-4: Rules You Must Know and Best Practices for 2013 1.5
COBRA Notices and Disclosures: How to Do it Right and How to Fix It When Things Go Wrong 1.5
Retirement Plan Fee Disclosure - Compliance Deadline Is Looming 1.5
Overcoming Open Enrollment Challenges 1.5
California - The Golden State for Big HR Mistakes: What You Need to Know About Policies, Training and Key Statutes 1.5
Coordinating ADA, FMLA, Workers' Comp and Other Paid Leaves 1.5
Same-gender Marriages: The Latest Employee Benefit Plan Implications 1.5
Think Before You Click: Strategies for Managing Social Media in the Workplace 1.5
Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees--Are You Sure They Are Properly Classified? 1.5
Health Care Reform and Payroll: Navigating Reporting Requirements 1.5
ERISA Litigation in the Shadow of CIGNA v. Amara 1.5
Understanding the Department of Labor's Changes to Form 5500 to Reflect the New MEWA Rules 1.5
Surviving the Alphabet Jungle: Coordinating ADA, FMLA, Workers' Comp and Other Paid Leaves 1.5
Ensuring Compliance with the New I-9: Best Practices for Documentation, Record Retention and E-Verify 1.5
Employment of Interns and Seasonal Workers: How to Avoid Potential Wage-Hour and Other Employment Law Trouble 1.5
Health Care Reform Myths and Facts: the Top 5 Things Employers Should and Should Not Worry About 1.5
Title VII Retaliation Claims and Supervisor Liability: How Supreme Court Rulings Help Employers 1.5
Plan Sponsor Compliance and Deadlines for New HIPAA Privacy Regulations 1.5
Seven Steps to Creating Bulletproof Documentation 1.5
Taking the Guess Work out of Identifying and Paying Exempt Employees 1.5
Handling Unclaimed or Abandoned Wages: What Payroll Needs to Know 1.5
Ensuring HR Compliance with New HIPAA Regulations 1.5
BREAKING: The Impact of OFCCP's Pay Discrimination Directive 1.5
Decoding Private Exchanges Under the Affordable Care Act 1.5
Payroll Solutions Series, Part 2: Child Support Garnishments and the Problems They Cause 1.5
Payroll Solutions Series, Part 1: What Payroll Must Know about Tax Levies and Creditor Garnishments to Stay in Compliance 1.5
The New W-2: What You Need to Know for 2013 1.5
411 on 941: A Guide to IRS Form 941 1.5
Navigating the ADA, Part 2: Surviving the Alphabet Jungle and Bringing It All Together 1.5
Understanding FMLA to Protect Employees and Combat Abuse 1.5
Navigating the ADA, Part 1: Reasonable Accommodation Requirements for Employers 1.5
Exempt or Nonexempt: How to Classify Employees and Avoid Fines and Lawsuits That Could Cost Your Company Millions 1.5
Prevent Common COBRA Compliance Mistakes and Avoid Legal and Financial Pitfalls 1.5
"Needed To Care For" Under FMLA: Don't Risk an Interference Claim 1.5
FMLA Self-Audits: Secrets for Handing Heightened DOL Scrutiny 1.5


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