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Federal and state laws on human resources compliance are complex and the agency regulations and guidance designed to "interpret" those mandates often foster greater confusion. For HR administrators, our webinars deliver practical, timely solutions to help make satisfying their daily compliance obligations easier.

Using a pool of well-respected industry experts, Thompson HR webinars are especially crafted to answer your questions about troublesome employment law and employee benefit mandates, covering a range of topics such as how to:

  • Provide proper accommodations for disabled employees
    under the ADA
  • Create legally compliant employee handbooks
  • Understand ever-changing payroll practices
  • Make correct FMLA determinations
  • Craft benefit plans under the PPACA
  • Decipher the "alphabet soup" of leave under the ADA,
  • Leverage health savings accounts
  • FMLA and workers' comp
  • Protect sensitive employee health information
  • Properly categorize employees under the FLSA
  • Implement effective wellness programs
  • Investigate sexual harassment
  • Ensure required benefits to same-sex partners
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Taxation Under Health Reform: What Employers Need to Know 1.5
Tackling the Top Reporting Concerns Under Health Reform: A Guide for Employers 1.5
Same-Gender Marriages: The Evolving Landscape's Effect on Employee Benefit Plans 1.5
Master Your 2013 Implementation Duties under the Health Reform Law 1.5
Learn How to Conquer the Generational Divide and Build Successful Teams 1.5
The Ever-changing World of Health Care Reform: Planning Ahead for 2014 1.5
Smart Hiring for 2013: What to Know Before Saying "You're Hired" 1.5
Becoming an Effective Human Resources Business Partner 1.5
COBRA Notices and Disclosures: How to Do it Right and How to Fix It When Things Go Wrong 1.5
Retirement Plan Fee Disclosure - Compliance Deadline Is Looming 1.5
Overcoming Open Enrollment Challenges 1.5
Same-gender Marriages: The Latest Employee Benefit Plan Implications 1.5
ERISA Litigation in the Shadow of CIGNA v. Amara 1.5
Health Care Reform Myths and Facts: the Top 5 Things Employers Should and Should Not Worry About 1.5
Plan Sponsor Compliance and Deadlines for New HIPAA Privacy Regulations 1.5
Decoding Private Exchanges Under the Affordable Care Act 1.5
The New W-2: What You Need to Know for 2013 1.5
Prevent Common COBRA Compliance Mistakes and Avoid Legal and Financial Pitfalls 1.5
Mastering Electronic Record-keeping for HR 1.5
The IRS and DOL Have Spoken: Same-Gender Partner Benefits in a Post-Windsor World 1.5


*Please note, some promotions are in the process of getting accredited for HRCI Credits.